VnDP: A Vietnamese dependency parsing toolkit

Copyright  2014-2018 by Dat Quoc Nguyen and Dai Quoc Nguyen

VnDP is a Vietnamese dependency parsing toolkit which integrates a pre-trained dependency parsing model (MSTparser) [M06] and a pre-trained POS tagging model (RDRPOSTagger) [N14] for Vietnamese. The pre-trained parsing model was trained on our Vietnamese dependency treebank VnDT consisting of 10,200 sentences.

The evaluation of the VnDP toolkit and the construction of the VnDT treebank are detailed in our paper:

Dat Quoc Nguyen, Dai Quoc Nguyen, Son Bao Pham, Phuong-Thai Nguyen and Minh Le Nguyen. From treebank Conversion to Automatic Dependency Parsing for Vietnamese. In Proceedings of 19th International Conference on Application of Natural Language to Information Systems, NLDB'14, Springer LNCS, pp. 196-207, 2014.
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The VnDP toolkit is available to download at:

The VnDT treebank is distributed for research or educational purposes only.

To obtain the VnDT treebank, please fill and return the following license (.pdf) to

Please cite our NLDB'14 paper in any publication reporting on results obtained with the help of the VnDP toolkit or the VnDT treebank.

NOTE: You might want to try our new toolkit VnCoreNLP which produces significantly better parsing results than VnDP on the VnDT treebank.


[M06] McDonald, R., Lerman, K., and Pereira, F. 2006. Multilingual Dependency Analysis with a Two-stage Discriminative Parser. In Proceedings of the Tenth Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning, pp. 216220.

[N14] Dat Quoc Nguyen, Dai Quoc Nguyen, Dang Duc Pham, and Son Bao Pham. 2014. RDRPOSTagger: A Ripple Down Rules-based Part-Of-Speech Tagger. In Proceedings of the Demonstrations at the 14th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics, pp. 17-20.

Last updated: Feb 25, 2018